Nutritional Information

A sensible diet is key to good health at any age.

Nutritional Information - Park Care Allergens

All of our meals are nutritionally well balanced and we constantly monitor our dishes. Only the freshest ingredients available are used, sourced from local suppliers where possible. No preservatives or additives are used.

Our food is produced to a very high standard with the BS/EN/ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Registration Certificate having been awarded by the British Standards Institute. This is awarded for the production of consistently high standard meals. We are also members of the National Association of Care Caterers (NACC) and adhere to all its principles.

Diabetic Labelling Changes – July 2016

In July 2016 new legislation stated that food is no longer able to be labelled as ‘diabetic’ or ‘suitable for diabetics’. The reason for this is that the European Commission believe.

  • You do not require specific food for people with diabetes.
  • People with diabetes should be able to meet their dietary needs by appropriate selection from everyday foods.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet – which includes a variety of foods from each of the main food groups.

Providing a healthy, well balanced meal is at the heart of Park Care Meals. All of our meals are nutritionally well balanced and are in line with the recommended government guidelines. All are free from added salt and preservatives. We offer a wide variety of meals with over 40 different options. Therefore we are confident you will be able to find something that is suitable.

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