How the service works

Easy to use service
No contract commitment
Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Park Care Meals - Sausage onion meal

Each hot meal and dessert costs just £7.30 including delivery

  • We offer a flexible meal service.  It operates every day of the year and you can choose how many days a week you would like a meal.  The meals will be delivered by the same friendly person each day*.

  • Peace of mind from our daily wellbeing check  from our team of helpful delivery drivers.
  • We aim to deliver all our meals between 11.30 and 1.30 each day, arriving at approximately the same time once we have made the first delivery.
  • We offer a choice of 4 nutritious meals each day, delivered hot together with a choice of a hot or cold dessert 
  • A sandwich and dessert tea can also be delivered along with the lunchtime meal for only £2.95 extra.
  • A wide variety of special diets are available including vegetarian options, diabetic meals, gluten free and modified texture meals for people with chewing or swallowing difficulties.
  • Every 4 weeks you will receive an order form for the following week’s meals, this should be filled in and returned to the delivery driver.

* subject to holidays and rest days

Ordering couldn’t be easier.

There are two options:

  1. Complete the order form and hand it in to your delivery team member 
  2. Contact your local branch and place your order

Payment methods

We can collect payment in 3 ways:

  1. A monthly invoice can be sent out to the customers address or a relatives if preferred.
  2. Cash or cheque collected at start of the week for 1 weeks meals.
  3. Cash collected each day when delivery made.